When did God infuse the soul?

Updated: Mar 19

By Luke Lancaster

Around 60,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens Sapiens began doing things no other Homo Sapein Sapien had ever done, and never will do. How do we explain this from a materialistic worldview? Well... There isn't one. No genetic reason, no physical reason, This big conundrum, however, is very easily explained by the infusion of the soul by God Almighty. This is when humans became *humans*.

#1. Burying the dead and religion

Humankind began burying its own dead. What else does that? Humans also became interested in the spiritual world. They started doing religious practices, rituals, and symbols. They developed spiritual beliefs and a sense of the sacred. What else does that? Primates never have an interest in religion! Why did this new "breed" of humanity suddenly start thinking of god or gods? The infusion of the soul!

#2. Syntactical language and symbols

Humankind began using a complex working of words and symbols in communication with one another. They were not just simple things like "banana" which primates can understand and communicate. But using complex statements to know things like "man bites dog" is a totally different phrase from "dog bites man." This is incredible language skills.

#3. Abstract art

Humankind wrote out complex artwork, involving a communication of events through cave drawings. This is a remarkably unique thing to human communication.

#4. Mathematics and abstract numeration

Humankind could do abstract mathematical work in order to organize and systematize the ordering of things. This ability to use numbers in an abstract way is not possible for primates to accomplish. Where did this interest and development of counting, economy, exchange, and building projects at lightning speed come from? Why did it never start before this intellectual explosion? The answer would be: the soul. In the words of Fr. Robert Spitzer, "There's no primate with abstract mathematics, I'm sorry!"

#5. Laws and government

Humankind was able to create a social organizational structure unlike anything else. The creation of laws to govern themselves in a civil society. Creating these governments within distinct geographical locations is truly a profound ability of man.

#6. Movement away from Africa

Humankind began somewhere in Africa according to our scientific archeological record, but due to their profound ability to understand other forms of language, humans could move away from Africa into the Middle East. Prior to this intellectual explosion caused by the infusion of the soul, man stayed in one geographic location. They didn't move! The gift of a common reasoning ability had not come yet.

Article adapted from Catholic physicist Father Robert Spitzer's talk, "The Remarkable Evidence of a Transcendent Soul."