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An analogy to understand Tradition

Updated: May 30, 2021

By Luke Lancaster

Imagine for a moment if St. Paul came to your Church, and stayed there teaching for 20 years. He preached every Sunday, on Monday's at the men’s group, Wednesday's at the women’s group, and Friday's at the youth group. But then Paul passed away. In memory, you gather up the letters he wrote to the Church, some of which were written to the groups he taught, and maybe a letter or two which he wrote to a close friend. This forms a collection, "the collected works of St. Paul" is formed.

Then a new pastor takes his place, and says something that makes you head turn: St. Paul did not teach infant baptism. This is ridiculous! You confront the new pastor, saying that you heard St. Paul himself speak about it at the men’s group on a few occasions! He even baptized your infant son himself! The new pastor replies that he does not see it written down in the collected written works of St. Paul, so he will not believe it.

You were following Tradition, the new pastor was following Sola Scriptura.

*Analogy from Kenneth Hensley

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