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Daily Prayer

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

By Luke Lancaster

A young boy waited at home for his father to come home. When his dad came home from work, the boy embraced his him.

"Daddy, daddy," He says, "You're home! I've wanted to ask you something all day!"

His dad replied, "What is it, son?"

"How much do you make an hour?"

"Oh son, you don't need to know that."

But the son continued over and over, "But daddy, pleaseeee, how much money do you make an hour?"

The dad, tired at this point, says, "$20."

The son asks, "Daddy, can I have $10?"

The dad replied, "Son, why do need money? You have everything you need. It's late, please go to bed."

The son accepted it, and went to bed. Then the dad got to thinking,

"Why did he bug me so much for $10? Well... Maybe he needed it for something at school. I should offer it and ask him."

So he went into his son's room and asked, "Son, here's the $10 you asked for. But why did you need it?"

The son excitedly jumped up, grabbed the $10 out of his hand, and opened up a box under his bed. He added the $10 to his collectand counted it all up.

"18...19...20!!! Dad, here's $20, can I buy an hour of your time?"

God wants our time this desperately. Do we want to spend time with Him the way He wants to spend time with us? Let's give Him an hour a day, He deserves it.

*Story taken from a homily

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