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Views on the Millennial Reign of Christ

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

By Luke Lancaster

Amillennial: That we are living in the thousand year reign of Christ ever since he resurrected from the dead. We are in the kingdom of God right now. St. Augustine said this in his work the “City of God,”that we are living in the figurative thousand years reign between the two advents of Christ. For the Kingdom of God has been at hand and in our midst for two thousand years now. Right before Jesus comes, the devil will be loosed from his chains and will be free for three and a half years with the antichrist, right before the second coming of Christ.

Premillennial: Christians will be raptured, Jews will be converted and another Temple will occur, 1000 year literal reign of Christ on earth cause of the prophets of old who said that in the Messianic age the wolf eats with the lamb, no sickness, etc., satan is loosed and battle of Armageddon and the final judgement with all the Christians coming back. Dispensationalism from Darby saying that there is a dual covenant, meaning that the Church is not the new Israel.

Post mil: The world keeps getting better and better spiritually through a 1000 year golden age of the church (millennial reign of Christ), then tribulation and final coming. The thousand year reign just means a long time, it is figurative. Calvinists mainly hold this teaching.

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