Near Death Experiences Indicate a Transcendent Soul

By Luke Lancaster

Near death experiences (NDE) are fascinating to hear. In NDEs, a person truly dies, meaning they have a flat EEG or zero electrical activity in the cerebral cortex. Yet, they are able to see their body, but from an outside view. They can hear and move. They can remember all of their past memories. They are conscious, have a functioning intelligence, and experience emotions. And perhaps most amazing, they are able to produce veridical data which is impossible for them to have known.

For example, a person dies, but is resuscitated. Yet, he or she is able to tell you about a conversation that had occurred out in the waiting room *in detail* - but this conversation took place when they were DEAD (remember, this means ZERO electrical activity in the cerebral cortex).

Or maybe the dead person who is resuscitated can tell you about how he saw somebody take out his dentures while he was dead. And that he saw the dude with the buzz cut and a golden right canine tooth go up to the ninth floor of the hospital with it in his cart.

Now, this is truly impossible for them to have known, for there would *need* to be electrical activity happening in the cerebral cortex for the senses to occur. Yet there is none. Now stop and think: how does this work with the materialistic mindset? Nothing happens after death in that worldview, so how can this be reconciled? It. Can. Not. For this reality only makes sense if the person had a non-physical soul that continued living after death.

Now, you might be wondering if this is all hear-say. Not so. There have been many peer-reviewed journals, in fact, that have tested the veracity of this data and researched NDEs. They found that eighty-five percent of children have NDEs, and twenty percent of adults have them. Here are four of these scientific studies which you are able to look up and read for yourself:

Samuel Parnia, M.D. and his ten colleagues published a medical study on NDE in their South Hampton University Study back in 2014. Over 200 individuals were studied.

Pim van Lommel, M.D. and his study of eleven hospitals in Europe over a five year period, covering hundreds of patients. This is called the "Lancet" Study, which ocurred back in 2001.

Kenneth Ring, Ph. D studied blind people having NDEs back in 1999.

Janice Holden, Ph. D Combined thirty-nine Veridical Studies back in 2007.

If you think Near Death Experiences are simply the person projecting something, or that it is totally explainable, consider why the researchers found that people BLIND from birth were able to have visual images. HOW could somebody who has never had a visual image have a visual image? Yet, 80% of blind people have these NDEs!

Read more about this in the book, "Brain Wars" (2013) by Neuroscientist Mario Beauregard.

Adapted from Physicist Robert Spitzer's speech on the soul at the NAPA Institute, 2016.

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